Motivate yourself to good health

It’s a brand new year! Yay! We’ve lived to see a new year and therefore we are filled with renewed hope. So you know what that means?…. Resolutions. Every year millions of people make the proclamation that this will be the year that they lose the weight, get toned and get their best body yet. However, only a handful of people actually get to the goal. So what will you do this year to get there? How will you motivate yourself to being the happy and healthy person you are meant to be? How do you get the motivation to begin your journey to complete fitness and to achieve your fitness goals? Well have a seat and let me tell you. Follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to good health in no time.

1) Set clear, realistic and achievable goals and make a plan to accomplish them.


Too often people make resolutions and they are far-fetched and idealistic. There is nothing magical about the New Year that makes someone change years of  bad habits or a behavioural trait in one day. Not only that, when resolutions are made there is never a plan of action on how to achieve your goals. Make a clear step-by-step plan (from your beginning to the end of your fitness goal), that way you can track your progress.

2)  Reset your mind

As I said earlier, change does not happen overnight. In order to achieve your goals, you may need to make sacrifices, starting with a change in attitude. Change your view towards certain aspects of life, including eating and food intake, exercise and lifestyle practices. A little trick is to visualize your fitness goal, (e.g. see yourself in that swimsuit you have been eyeing) and count down from ten slowly, breathing slowly as you count. This will give you the momentum you need to continue your path.

3) Eat breakfast


 Now it may sound weird, but research has shown that persons, who eat breakfast, tend to eat less throughout the rest of the day than persons who don’t eat breakfast. Breakfast becomes even better for you when a part of your meal is nutritious, whole grain.

(Just a tip: Water is the best beverage there is. With zero calories and zero grams of fat, you never have to worry about cheating on your diet when you have this refreshing beverage.)

4)  Incorporate walking into your life


 The age of technology has made many of us lazy. We can’t turn on the television if we can’t find the remote (just a hint: push the big button). We no longer take stairs; we wait on the elevator, even if it takes longer. We have truly become masters and puppeteers of technology. Well that’s about to change. Did you know that walking 10,000 steps a day adds up to five miles? Now you don’t have to walk five miles every day but by adding walking into your regular routine in small ways, you are bound to see improvements in your fitness.


5)   Have a healthier treat


  Have the munchies or have a craving for something sweet? Stop! Step away from the Doritos and the chocolate chip cookies. Instead try a healthier snack, like a fruit, toasted chips or unsalted popcorn. An example of a healthy treat is having some blueberries. Blueberries have the most antioxidants of any fruit. But for those of us who can’t afford these tasty treats, just try an have a fruit that you can get your hands on like an orange or an apple.


6)  Dress for success


 You know that you need to workout, but you just don’t have the will power to do it. Stop procrastinating and get dressed for your workout! Once you’ve got your workout shoes and gear on, you will feel more compelled to work out and as a result, will be more likely to get yourself moving.


(Just a tip: Workouts can get boring if you keep sticking to the same thing everyday. Try mixing it up and making your workouts more interesting. The key thing is for you to break a sweat, while having fun).

7) Start Small

The unhealthy lifestyle didn’t start overnight. It took years of bad habits to get you to where you are, so it will take some amount of time for you to get to your healthy self again. Don’t beat yourself up if you aren’t making the amount of progress you expected you would make but rather celebrate small victories (not with food) and enjoy the fact that slow progress is still progress. Start by making small changes, they will add up and eventually you’ll be doing the big things you thought you could never do. 

That’s all the advice I have for today. Hope you find it helpful. Comments and suggestions are welcomed. 

Have a great day! 🙂


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