Product Review: BB Color Show Lipsticks

BB Color Show Lipsticks

Miss your New Year’s midnight kiss? Make up for it this Valentine’s Day with a little help from Cupid. There are plenty of lip balms, glosses, and tints out there to make sure you’re prepped to pucker up for that special someone. What’s even better is that they come in a variety of rich shades that are good enough to eat – or at least lick. But don’t just count on a creamy color or subtle flavor to do the trick. Make sure you’re lips are exfoliated, moisturized, and primed before you lean in for that kiss. After all, Cupid can’t do all the work.

BB Color Show Lipsticks

Last week I went to my local wholesale just browsing to see if anything caught my eye. And low and behold, I saw these beauties peeking out at me. The Pieridae BB Color Show moisture is not a widely known brand but I thought why not give it a try. The title suggests a moisture-rich lipstick that’s perfect if you’re worrying about the pesky drying effect some lipsticks have. Since this isn’t a well-known brand I thought I would give it a review, for anyone who wants to try something new.
BB Color Show Lipsticks


It’s contained in a plastic encasing with beautiful gold writing pressed against a gold and white background as seen in pictures. It gives the look and appearance of being expensive while not being a huge dent in your budget.

BB Color Show Lipsticks


It applies effortlessly and evenly. Enriched with vitamin E it feels soft and smooth on the lips and doesn’t have that drying effect you find in some lipsticks. Moisture is a big issue for me when it comes to lipsticks because let’s face it, who wants chapped lips?


The colour payoff is pretty good. The colour on the skin is quite similar to the one that you see pop out of the tube whenever you uncap the tube. The only drawback is it takes around 2-3 smears of the lips for the colour to be extremely bright and vibrant. But once it’s on, the colour is beautiful.



It lasts about 2-3 hours before you need to reapply. Also be warned, it easily comes off whenever you drink and eat so the reapply time may be drastically reduced.


Cost:$200J (~$2 US) So it is relatively cheap and is a great product that doesn’t break the bank


I would give this product a 7/10.


Just a few swatches to satisfy your interest.

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