Suncoast Adventure Park

Suncoast Adventure Park

Jamaica, land we love. A land untravelled by me is about to get Nellafied. My mission is to see as much of my country as possible and hopefully some of my trips shall become global phenomenons. Have I accepted the challenge? Yes I sure have!!!! Now who’s with me? *dum dum dum*

 Okay. Ignoring my silly shenanegans, it’s now time for my first Nook and Cranny feature wooooohooooooo. The reason I’m doing this feature is because I think it’s time that Jamaicans and the world learn how to enjoy this beautiful tropical escape that we live on. Like many, I’ve succumbed to the usual routine. I can’t even say a 9-5 life because since I’ve entered med, it’s been more like 7am to midnight or later (sounds like a Wendy’ s ad)  and I’m finally ready to take the plunge and see it all.

This time, I’ll take you to the parish of…………… St. Thomas. I visited Sun Coast Adventrue Park for a friend’s birthday. Being the adventurists that we naturally are, we decided to skip the usual dinners and head straight to the park for some hiking, paintballing, the maze and other activities at the park.

Located in Twelve Miles, St. Thomas, about 15 minutes from Bull Bay, the park is opened Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays from 9:00 am- 5:00pm. It’s also opened on other days by special arrangements. Although, most famous for it’s Paintballing, the park also has other fun activites such as the beach, hiking trails, playground, basketball, football all of which are inclusive in the entrance fee and mini golf, ropes, and ziplining which are charged additionally. I must say I had a whole lot of fun. As is expected with great friends and a good venue

We started by first going on the hiking trail and let me tell you it is not for the faint of heart. This was more of a rock structured trail versus regular dirt or grass that I’m used to and the manouevering yikes it was trying. Luckily I had friends who had done it before to help guide and help me along on the trail. After hiking, we headed to the maze to compete against the clock to finding the letters on the card that spelt M-A-Z-E and I did it in 9 mins not bad for a newbie.

Suncoast Adventure Park

Then we headed to the creme-de-la-creme. The reason we trekked it out of Kingston. Our day of adventure. We paintballed!!! Oh yeah and guess what my team of newbies beat the experienced players :p My only problem with this was that you basically had to buy everything but the gun and helmets. If you needed extra shots you had to buy it. You need a vest, you have to buy it. I thought they could at least give us the vest but hey that’s my opinion. And finally, after an action and adventure packed day we headed to the beach where I found my love rock and declared that I shall always be lucky in love as long as my heart desires. We didn’t swim at the beach but we still had a good time chilling and whatnot.

 All in all, I would say it was a pretty awesome day. It’s a great time to have with a group of good family and friends, I’d definitely recommend it, but considering the prices of the trip, I’d probably only make occasional visits rather than make the regular treks. Got to live life but also need to have money to enjoy the other things I love. What do you think? Have you even been to SunCoast? What was the trip like?

Suncoast Adventure Park

 Much Love.

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  1. I went to Suncoast about 2012/13 with my mom for a coworkers’ trip. I was too coward then to zipline haha but I enjoyed the beach and hiking very much. It was also my first time venturing into St. Thomas. 🙂

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