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Evolution is a beautiful thing. It’s how we grow and survive the stresses of the world. To evolve is to strengthen our ability to live the new day to the fullest. And that’s just what Di Grill Shack Gourmet Restaurant .

From humble beginnings in Sovreign Centre to a stand alone titan located on Phoenix Avenue, Kingston, Jamaica; Di Grill Shack is the epitome of evolution.


I regretfully have to admit that I was late to this lovefest of mouthwatering, belly-filling meals.  A delectable taste of flavours in each bite that send me on a ride of pure unadultarated pleasure. Not to mention, with friendly staff and speedy service, your dining experience is truly special.


Oh if only words could truly describe how amazing the food was. Alas, in the age of technology, one can only hope a few pictures can suffice. Here’s just a little preview of the exquisite, enticing and yummy.

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Overall Rating:  4 STARS

For further info:

Di Grill Shack     1 876 968 0125     9-11 Phoenix Avenue

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