Rick’s Cafe: An Adventurist Dream

Rick’s Cafe: An Adventurist Dream

Although in Jamaica we experience year-round sunshine, the summer months of June- August are particularly thrilling and full of festivities. From clubbing and parties to day-trips and stay-cays, we are truly never out of things to do. But sometimes you can get stumped on where to go on your next big adventure. Whether you’re from the city and tired of the parties or you’re from another country and not too sure of what to do, it can get tricky as to what are the next MUST DO items to add to your adventure list.

This past summer I decided to venture out of Kingston and head to Negril, Westmoreland for a day of adventure at Rick’s Cafe.

Rick's Cafe

World Renowned Rick’s Cafe is the adventurist’s greatest delight. Cliff diving, live entertainment, scrumptious food and drinks, and all topped off with a breathtaking view are exactly what you need to make the perfect recipe for a day out on the town.

Located on the western side of the island in Negril, Jamaica; this long time favourite has been a local and tourist hotspot since April 1974. Rivaling Jamaica’s other world famous 7-Mile Beach, this stony oasis began when Richard ”Rick” Hershman bought this cliff-side one-and-a half acre property and began his quest to open the first public bar and restaurant on the west end of Negril.

Rick's Cafe

The lure and popularity of Rick’s Cafe has since exploded into a phenomenon where persons far and wide come to test their courage, resolve and sometimes their senses to dive from one of the numerous diving sites. With the highest cliff being estimated to be approximately 35 feet!!! So for all you risk takers out there…… hoo ha!!!

Rick's Cafe

But….. if you’re a little less daring, don’t worry because there are many diving levels to accommodate your comfort level. Parents can jump, children too, grandparents if you dare. It’s a great adventure for the whole family.

Rick's Cafe

However, if not even liquid courage and a cheering squad of onlookers cannot convince you to jump from even the lowest clip, never fear, just sit back and enjoy the breathtaking sunset as you are lulled and serenaded by the cool sounds of the live band.

Rick's Cafe

So what are you waiting for? Are you ready to start your Rick’s Cafe adventure yet?

If you want more info: Email: info@rickscafejamaica.com

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  1. DWL, I went for my birthday & they totally squashed my plan to jump before my brain could register what I was doing. Firstly the ‘Cliff Jumping is Dangerous’ sign they made me read, and redirecting me to the lower jump where I’d virtually have to step off vs run in gave my brain enough time to realize the situation and change mind. Maybe 1 day.

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