Beach-cation at Bluefields Beach

Hey lovelies!!!

How’s everyone doing? I hope all is great in your lives. So I have a secret to tell you all.  It’s rather shocking and quite scandalous I must say. I………… I…………. I………… Oh geez it’s so hard to say this but……. I……..

I must admit that I’m not the biggest fan of the beach (gasp!!! shock and scandal!!!). Yes I admit it. I’m not a beach bum or a lost mermaid stuck on land or a Sunday beach day kind of girl. Now I’m not saying I hate the beach because I do enjoy it anytime I go but I’m not an everyday beach person. That being said, I do live on an island and I do like to make impromptu treks and adventure days and that’s just what I recently did when my friends and I headed to Bluefields beach for the day.

Our journey began along the South Coast road to Negril. Our 4 hour road trip from Kingston through to Clarendon, Manchester, St. Elizabeth and finally Westmoreland was filled with captivating views and breathtaking scenery that more than made up for our butt hurt that came with a long car ride. Alas, we finally made it and our buttocks and legs were spared further torture.


The illustrious Bluefields beach lies within the small fishing community of Bluefields, Westmoreland. It is revered as one of the few remaining Jamaican beaches that are free and open to the public. This relatively narrow stretch of soft, silken white sand and rock is approximately ½ mile or 1 km in length and has an adjacent Beach Park with a handful of shops for your local shopping pleasure.


This pristine and undisturbed setting was fortunately not as overpopulated as you would expect for a free beach. What I’ve found out however is that the beach mainly gets crowded on weekends and public holidays. Which means if you come during the week or on off season times you are sure to get the beach all to  yourself.


As mentioned before, the beach is very narrow, so there isn’t as much space as you would like, nor are there any provisions for lounge chairs or giant umbrellas or any such things. Plus, there is little shade from the sun on the beach, so either pray for a relatively overcast day, find a good shaded spot under a tree, or just prepared to face a true island heat. However, the Bluefields Beach Park next door is located in a shady, well-wooded area and offers for a small fee, the usual showering/changing/toilet facilities.


The water was absolutely amazing. Swimming was so fun and relaxing. However, just note that the sea is sometimes rough. The huge land space ensures ample parking in style and comfort. The wooded park gives a feel of oneness with nature and while providing ample shade for picnic activities. The park also holds a number of small restaurants which are noted for their locally caught fish.


The perfect end to the day was the beautiful sunset which illuminated the beach before we left. All in all, the powdery white sand beach and cool blue waters were awe-inspiring and serene and just what us ‘city folk’ from the eastern side of the island needed.


Bluefields Beach is truly a gem and one of Jamaica’s best kept secrets. It’s a great place where you and yours can spend an enchanting and relaxing day at the beach while enjoying a little taste of Jamaica’s local food and culture.

So the next time you’re feeling a little stressed and in need of a fabulous daytrip, a trip to Bluefields beach may be just what the doctor ordered.

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