Book Review: The Royal Wedding (The Crown Jewels Romantic Comedy #2) by Melanie Summers

Book Review: The Royal Wedding (The Crown Jewels Romantic Comedy #2) by Melanie Summers

The Royal Wedding

Our potty-mouthed, accident-proned, formerly royal hating, not very poised heroine, Tessa Sharpe, returns in the conclusion of Melanie Summers’ two part book series, A Crown Jewels Romantic Comedy. ‘The Royal Wedding’ picks up a few months into the future as Prince Arthur and Tessa continue their whirlwind romance and prepare for a future together. So what has changed for our fair duo? Well….. all I can say is a little goes a long way with these two lovers.

Tessa is still stuck at home due to her recent eviction from her apartment and the shutting down of her major money-earner blog ‘The Royal Watchdog’. But being at home is a mortifying and trying experience for her as she searches for her independence. From the constant barging into her room by her smart-witted nieces and nephews to walking in on her parents in compromising positions to a very frisky cat who hoovers through everything around him, Tessa is feeling like she’s in quicksand and desperately needs a way out. Added to this, once Prince Arthur and Tessa announced their engagement, the small country of Avonia was split down the middle with even some members of the Royal family hating to see this seemingly unfit and formerly vicious anti-royal blogger join their ranks. On a positive side she does have a new job as a journalist now at a small newspaper. The only problem is… she mainly does grunt work due her new royal status, her co-workers are constantly sniffing around her for a story and her passive aggressive boss is constantly asking for advanced information that they can put to print. Can she prove a nation of doubters wrong and become the amazing woman she truly is?

The other half of our pair, Prince Arthur is facing strife of his own. As if having to take on majority of the responsibility of running the country, ironing out a new trade agreement with Spain or having to deal with a menacing father for a king wasn’t enough. He now has to prove to a nation of doubters that Tessa is not only amazing but she’ll make a great queen as well. Even though the royal staffers all seem to be taking a liking to Tessa, his own family is still at a 50/50 split with his father, King Winston and sister, Princess Arabella still not forgiving or forgetting Tessa’s past and hurtful comments. Added to this, a social media smear campaign has started against Tessa that is in no way, shape or form helping their cause. Can Prince Arthur change a nation’s tune while juggling all the new changes in his life?

My Review:

I absolutely positively loved this book. LOVE!!! I mean it was a real page turner. It truly was a very fitting end to an interesting and fun series. The modern and up-to-date feel of the book just made the book even more relatable. I got the pop culture and current affair references. I laughed at all the guffaws that happen as a result of modern media and technology. I really had a feel of being with the characters as they go through their adventures.

Tessa is the everyday girl who is thrusted into a not so everyday situation and she has doubts. Tessa is like any of us would be if you suddenly found yourself plucked from obscurity into a spotlight just based on who you are dating. With every eye critical and every pair of lips judging, she can’t help but to have self-doubt and be more than a little self-conscious.

This book really does a great job of exploring and telling the story from the main characters’ point-of-view. It explores both sides of the story to see why each person does what they do and then flips it and shows how the other reacts to this. One thing that you notice in reading is that a lot of the issues that occur was out of love and fear. Love for the other and fear of disappointing them or hurting them. Really like many of our everyday quarrels, if they were to actually talk about all their concerns, then half the ish that happens wouldn’t have and this book does a great job of portraying that message. Fortunately for our lovebirds, they have some wise elders with sage advice to help steer them in the right direction. All in all, if you’re looking for a downright laugh out loud story, then grab yourself a copy of this amazing book. You won’t be disappointed.

My Overall Rating: 4.8/ 5

Note: If you’re going to get this book then get it’s predecessor, The Royal Treatment first to get the complete story.

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