My MUST SEE Holiday Movie Watch List Part 2

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I’m baaaaaaaaaaaack!!! I’ve returned with another blogmas post for this 2017 Christmas season. As promised, here is part 2 of my top 12 MUST SEE Holiday Movie Watch list. I don’t know how I’ve been able to narrow it down to just 12 but… I have. So without further ado….. Here it goes!!!

1. Deck the Halls

Steve (Matthew Broderick), suburban dad and Christmas enthusiast, finds a wrinkle in his well-ordered existence with the arrival of his new neighbor Danny (Danny DeVito). Danny has big dreams and plans to illuminate his house with enough holiday lights to make it visible from space. Not to be outdone, Steve declares a war of one-upmanship with Danny that threatens to drag the Christmas spirit through the slush.


What happens when neighbourly rivalry turns wrong?! Deck the halls is what happens. This movie is so hilarious I can’t even. Two suburban dads trying to outdo each other in a holiday decorating competition! What else do you need?


2. The Holiday

Two women, one (Cameron Diaz) from America and one (Kate Winslet) from Britain, swap homes at Christmastime after bad breakups with their boyfriends. Each woman finds romance with a local man (Jude Law, Jack Black) but realizes that the imminent return home may end the relationship.


This is one of the sweetest and most romantic movies I’ve ever seen. It’s a holiday romance story centered around on how a simple change in your life can improve your love life. If you’re into sappy romantic holiday movies, then this is definitely one for you. Plus it’s good to see Jack Black in a more romantic light than his usual comedic roles.


3. Santa Baby

A business executive (Jenny McCarthy) returns to the North Pole to help her father (George Wendt), Santa Claus, prepare for Christmas. Mary Class is a highly successful business executive – who just happens to be the daughter of Santa Claus. But when her father falls ill, Mary returns to the North Pole and the life she left behind to take over for her dad and implement her innovative ideas for running Christmas.


The prodigal daughter returns in this movie, as Mary Class returns to the north pole to help run the business. This made-for-tv movie is a holiday classic in my household. Sweet, funny punch-lines and very family friendly. It’s an absolute favourite if mine!!!


4. Mr St. Nick

King Nicholas XX/ Santa Claus (Charles Durning) wants to pass the torch to his reluctant son (Kelsey Grammer) who would rather stay in Miami and enjoy the nightlife than to become Santa Claus.


Now this may seem like another movie about a prodigal child refusing to take up the role of Santa Claus. But let me tell you this show is all that and a bag of barbecue lays potato chips. It’s pretty funny and has some good life and family values in there. A made-for-tv movie that’s always worth the watch.


5. Single Santa seeks Mrs. Claus

Beth Sawtelle is a devoted single mother and advertising executive whose current campaign could put her on the fast track to the big time. The holiday season is here, and in order to sell the latest in video game technology, Beth’s campaign needs the perfect Santa Claus. Seeing his mother always busy, her young son Jake pens a letter to Santa asking for a new dad for the holidays. It seems that up in the North Pole the time has come for Saint Nick to pass along the seasonal responsibilities to his son Nick, but in order to take the position, Nick must have a Mrs. Claus before Christmas Eve. Upon receiving the Christmas request from young Jake, Nick sets his sights on Los Angeles, and Beth Sawtelle in particular.


With the fate of Christmas at stake and time running out, how do you convince a non-Christmas believer that she can fall in love again, worse yet fall in love with the future Santa? It’s going to take more than a Christmas miracle that’s for sure. This movie is the perfect Christmas movie. I really love it. The infectious Christmas spirit that the character Nick has just seemed so genuine. It’s truly a holiday classic for me.


6. Jingle All the Way

Workaholic Howard Langston (Arnold Schwarzenegger) wants to make things up to his son, Jamie (Jake Lloyd), and wife, Liz (Rita Wilson). He promises to get Jamie the hottest toy of the season, Turbo-Man — even though it’s Christmas Eve and the toy is practically sold out. As Langston hunts down the elusive gift, he runs into mailman Myron (Sinbad), another father on the same quest. With the clock winding down, Langston’s moral code is tested as he starts to learn the real meaning of Christmas.


Now this movie is one for the ages. An original holiday classic. A movie that’s so great for the season that if you haven’t seen it yet, I have only one question. Where have you been bruh?!!! I admit that I don’t see it that often on television nowadays but when I do….. it’s on like donkey kong (or whatever video game you young bloods are hyping over nowadays….. World of warcraft? Pokemon Go?….erm….. just whatever you’re playing). Just know that this is a holiday FAVEEEE of mine!!!


So there you have it loves! This is the conclusion to my absolute MUST SEE holiday movies every Christmas. There are sooooooooo many other movies I love but these are my absolute top favourite Christmas movies. I hope you’ve enjoyed this list.

So how about you? What are your favourite holiday/ Christmas movies that you absolutely have to watch whenever you see them? Did you see any of your faves? Comment below. I love hearing from you guys.





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