Guest Post: Five Food Fads You Should Avoid

Ridiculous Food Fads You Should Avoid At All Cost!

There are so many faddy diets out there it can be overwhelming trying to work out what is genuine and what is a total waste of time. From celebrity endorsed approaches to the latest trends that everyone jumps on, there is literally no end of silly diets which just don’t work.

Losing weight comes down to two things – consuming fewer calories and using up calories through exercise. It’s simple, but it’s not easy and it’s not a quick fix. Sadly many of us get sucked into food fads and diet trends because we are hoping to get slim and healthy quickly and easily.

To create real change requires real effort and hard work – and time. No-one can lose tonnes of weight in a couple of weeks – not healthily that’s for sure. So it’s time to ignore the fads and trendy diets of the celeb world – here are five key food fads you should avoid:

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  1. A juice-only approach

While drinking lots of fresh juice might sound like a totally healthy option it’s not all it seems. By using fresh juices you will be consuming a vast amount of natural sugar – fructose – while getting none of the goodness of the fibre which fruit contains.

A liquid diet is also not sustainable long term as your body needs solid food and your digestive system will soon let you know. Adding in fresh fruit to your diet is a much better way to get the benefits.

If you try only drinking juice, even just for a few days, the likelihood is that you will be so hungry due to the lack of solid food; you will end up drinking far more in calories and sugars than you would have eaten normally.




  1. Drastic low calorie approaches

There are many diets out there which offer the very low calorie approach, where you drop your calorie intake drastically. While there is no doubt you will lose weight initially – mostly through water loss – this is not a healthy or sustainable approach.

This crash dieting method means your body won’t be getting the nutrients and calories it needs for daily life and it can also end up costing your muscle mass, not to mention playing havoc with your metabolism – none of which helps with sustainable weight loss.

The likelihood is you will lose weight initially but as soon as you go come off the diet you will put it all back on again because you haven’t actually made any significant changes to your eating or exercise habits.


  1. Cutting out all carbohydrates

Cutting out carbs has long been a common myth for dieters and while a high protein, low carbohydrate approach is the recommended one for losing weight, actually cutting out all carbohydrates can have the opposite effect.

Our body needs complex carbohydrates for our brain health and to give us the fibre we need to keep our systems functioning properly. There is a difference between empty calorie-laden processed carbohydrates and healthy complex carbs – anyone wishing to lose weight healthily needs to understand this.

Carbohydrates are what give our body fuel and energy so cutting them out completely is never a good approach and can actually cause us to store fat as our bodies go into starvation mode due to the lack of intake.



  1. Eating junk food and working it off later

To really sustain a healthy weight loss diet changes have to go hand in hand with exercise. Stuffing your system with burgers and junk food, thinking you can always work it off later, doesn’t help your body long term.

By not giving yourself the essential nutrients your body needs, you won’t be able to perform effectively when you work out and could cause yourself injury, as well as the junk food playing havoc with your system.

Eating too much sugar or junk food will add to your weight and can also cause problems with your insulin rates, metabolism and your cholesterol, all of which can hamper any attempts at weight loss.



  1. Wanting to see results straight away

So many people are too impatient – they want to see pounds dropped the very next day after their first workout. This doesn’t happen. It’s a long term health change which you should be looking for and while pounds and inches will start to drop, it won’t be immediately.

If you are serious about wanting to see long term health improvements and a permanent weight loss, then you need to change your eating routine and your exercise routine and be patient. Avoid food fads which promise you instant results as it’s just not true.

As you can see there are many fad diets and approaches to weight loss which just don’t work – for long term sustained weight loss you need to change your approach to food and exercise and do it consistently, over time.

Scott is a sports and fitness writer. When not in front of his computer or spending time in the gym; you can see him hanging out in his favourite coffee shop devouring the latest Stephen King novel.


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Five Food Fads You Should Avoid

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